Temporary Faculty Unit Employee Recruitment

Recruitment Steps

Step 1: Hiring Department - Initiates Recruitment

  • The faculty collective bargaining agreement (Article 12.22) specifies that Committees shall be elected, and composed of tenured and/or probationary faculty from the department. 
  • If there are insufficient department members to serve on the Committee (at least three), the department shall elect tenured and/or probationary faculty members from a related academic discipline.
    • Faculty participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) may serve if they active faculty members during the recruitment cycle.FERP faculty may not make up more than 50 percent of the Committee.
    • Committee membership must comply with the CSU Nepotism Policy, if applicable.
    • For information regarding exceptions to the hiring process please see below:
    • Because it is critical to preserve the integrity of the recruitment process and to ensure the institution meets its legal obligations, Departments are required to maintain practices and procedures that are consistent with University policy and established practices. If an exception to the established recruitment and appointment policies or practices is required, the following procedure will be used.
      • In the event that an exception is required, a Department may requestapproval, in writing, prior to proceeding with the recruitment and/or appointment.
      • For Probationary Faculty Recruitments, the request shall be directed to APS, with a copy to the Dean.
      • The request should state the reasons for the exception and request a specific remedy. It is useful for the Department to also outline any proposed corrective actions needed to avoid future requests.
      • The request will be reviewed and additional documentation may be required. 
      • APS will respond in writing to the request. 
      • Once the Department has received the written response, it may continue with the recruitment/appointment process.
      • APS is responsible for maintaining all relevant documentation of any requests for exceptions and the written responses. For recruitments that APS oversees, this documentation will be kept in the search file.
      • Any questions should be directed to APS via email aps@humboldt.edu
  • Identify the Search Committee Chair, Members, and with the assistance of ODEI, the Equity Advocate. 
    • Draft vacancy announcement using the template available on website with input from the Equity Advocate.
    • Identify potential advertising venues for the job posting with input from the Equity Advocate.
  • Send the drafted vacancy announcement, advertising locations, and committee member information to APS via the Authorization to Recruit (Faculty Unit Employee) Google Form.
  • APS will create the job card and route the position for approval in CHRS Recruiting (PageUp).

    Step 2:  Search Committee - Preparation and Applicant Pool Screening

    • ALL search committee members must be up-to-date with their Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process training PRIOR to reviewing applications in PageUp.
      • APS will verify the training is up-to-date and assign workshops as needed to committee members.
      • APS will route the Search Committee Confidentiality Agreement to all search committee members and administrative personnel supporting the search committee.
    • Once the first review date has passed, APS will notify the search committee via PageUp communication that they are free to begin reviewing the applicant pool.
      • Search committee members will screen application materials to identify candidates who meet minimum qualifications, as outlined in the vacancy announcement. The committee will provide documentation in PageUp via the Search Committee Panel Review under "summary" to identify whether or not the candidates meet minimum qualifications. 
      • Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications are to be moved to "Search Committee Review Successful (Qualified Pool)" status in PageUp. 
      • Individuals who do not meet the minimum qualifications are to be moved to the "Search Committee Review Unsuccessful" status in PageUp after the committee has provided documentation in the Search Commitee Panel Review section as to what qualifications the candidate(s) are missing. 
      • ODEI will review the pool of qualified candidates, provide feedback and/or approval before the committee is permitted to move foward to the next step. 

    Step 3: Search Committee - Applicant Interviews (Zoom/telephone)

    • Once approval to move forward is obtained by ODEI, the search committee will:
      • Complete the Minimum Qualification Screening Matrix (available in the Google Drive set up by APS)
      • Identify highly qualified candidates they would like to interview.
      • Draft interview questions with input from the Equity Advocate.
    • The Committee Chair will move any well qualified candidates the committee would like to interview to the "Request to Interview - Telephone/Zoom (APS Approval Required)" status in PageUp and send APS the following:
      • Drafted Interview Questions
      • Completed Screening Matrix
    • An email will be sent to the entire committee upon approval of the request.
    • If needed, the Committee Chair should move any well qualified candidate(s) whom the committee woul dlike to consider as an alternate candidate for the telephone/Zoom interviews to the "Phone/Video Interview - HOLD (for Zoom/phone interview alternates)" status in PageUp. 
      • ImportantEach interview phase - telephone/Zoom and on-campus/personal - requires a status change in PageUp and that a copy of drafted interview questions be sent to APS for review prior to moving in the process
    • The committee will interview their selected candidates before moving forward with the next step. 

    Step 4: Search Committee - Applicant Interviews (On-campus/personal)

    • Once the committee has completed their phone/Zoom interviews, the next steps in the recruitment process are as follows:
      • The Committee Chair will move any successful candidate that the committee would like to invite to campus to the "Request for Interview - Personal/Campus Visit (APS Approval Required)" step in PageUp and send forward a list of drafted on-campus interview questions after input from the Equity Advocate (template provided in Google drive set up by APS).
        • Important:  Each interview phase - telephone/Zoom and on-campus/personal - requires a status change in PageUp and that a copy of drafted interview questions be sent to APS for review prior to moving in the process
      • If needed, the Committee Chair should move any alternate candidate(s) that may be invited to campus to "Phone/Video Interview - Successful (for on-campus alternates)".
        • Important: For any unsuccessful candidate who was interviewed in via phone/Zoom, the Committee Chair must make sure to:
          • Add comments/summary notes on the Search Committee Panel Review page in PageUp addressing the reason the candidate is not moving forward. 
            • It is important that the reasons for non-selection be discussed in terms of the qualifications identified in the vacancy announcement and that the candidates are not ranked, or otherwise compared to one another.
      • After entering the comments as described above, the Committee Chair should move any unsuccessful candidate who is no longer in consideration to the "Phone/Video Interview - Unsuccessful" status in PageUp. 

    Step 5: Search Committee - Reference Checks

    • Once on-campus interviews have concluded, the Committee Chair will move any candidate who is being considered for the position (or recommended to the Dean) to the “Request to Applicant for References” status in PageUp. 
      • Candidates will be sent a supplemental document requesting additional information and their consent for the committee to begin conducting reference checks.
      • The committee will be notified once the candidate has completed the form via email. Only at this time may reference checks commence.
    • If reference checks are successful, the Committee Chair will move the top candidate(s) to the "Reference Check Successful/Recommendation to Dean for Hire" status in PageUp AND provide APS with the completed Reference Check Form for Recommended Candidate.
      • Important: The completed reference check form can be attached to the email prompt that appears when a candidate is moved to the “Recommendation” status as described above. This email is sent to both the Hiring Authority (Dean/Director) and APS.
      • It is the Committee Chair’s responsibility to make sure that all recommended candidates have their strengths and weaknesses documented in the Search Committee Panel Review section of PageUp before moving any candidate to the "Recommendation" status.
    • If needed, the Committee Chair should be sure to provide all documentation regarding the non-selection of a candidate in the Search Committee Panel Review section of PageUp prior to them being moved to the "Reference Check Unsuccessful" status.
      • Do not move the candidate to an unsuccessful status in PageUp without providing documentation described above.
    • If reference checks were not conducted for an interviewed candidate, the Committee Chair should leave the candidate in their current status, and provide ample notes/rationale regarding the reason the candidate is not moving forward in the Search Committee Panel Review section of PageUp.

    Step 6: Hiring Authority - Verbal Offer

    • APS will provide the Hiring Authority (Dean/Director) with the committee’s documentation regarding all on-campus interviewed candidates and their recommended candidate's completed reference check form.
      • IMPORTANT: The Hiring Authority must consult with the AVP for Faculty Affairs regarding salary, rank, service credit, and any additional funding prior to a verbal offer being extended.
    • Once a verbal offer has been accepted, the Hiring Authority, or their office, should move the successful candidate forward in PageUp to "Verbal Offer Accepted (APS to Review)".
      • This move will automatically prompt an email from PageUp providing the Hiring Authority with a link to the Faculty Unit Employee Offer Details Google Form. 
        • The Hiring Authority will need to complete this form before APS can review the offer details and draft a formal letter of offer for the successful candidate.
    • APS will review the offer details, enter the information on the Offer Card in PageUp, and draft a formal letter of offer to be reviewed and approved by the Provost's Office.
      • Once approved, the letter of offer will be sent to the successful candidate via PageUp.
      • Committee members, Hiring Authority, Department Chair, and Administrative Support Personnel will all be kept informed of the offer status via email.


    Step 1 - Recruitment Initiation

    Step 2 - Pre-screening and Acknowledgement

    Step 3 - Telephone Interviews

    Step 4 - Personal Interviews

    Step 5 - Preparing the Offer

    Background Checks

    Appointment Document

    • Form 500 - Lecturer Transaction Form
      Use PeopleSoft Temporary Faculty Contract module to create the form.
    • Form 530 - Coach Faculty: Recommendation for Appointment
      Use PeopleSoft Temporary Faculty Contract module to create the form.