Academic Student Employee Recruitment (Unit 11)

Posting a Position

To post a vacancy, submit a completed Vacancy Announcement and Description of Duties form to If a formal written evaluation will take place, also include a copy of the Evaluation Criteria.

Vacancy Announcement

Description of Duties

  • Must be given to Academic Student Employee (ASE) at time of appointment; send electronic copy to Academic Personnel Services to be kept on file.

Evaluation Criteria

  • A written assessment for Academic Student Employee (ASE) performance. A blank copy of this evaluation form must be given to the ASE within the first fourteen (14) days of appointment if an evaluation is to take place.

Hiring Resources

  • The Submitter (generally an ASA/ASC in the department) will be entering and submitting the appointment detail into the e-Form 600. After the e-Form 600 has been submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the Submitter with a link to the form so he/she may track the status.
  • Appointment document for Substitute Teaching Associates (TA). When to Submit Form: Substitute forms should be submitted to the APS and Payroll Offices no later than the last working day in the pay period for each pay period worked. Please ensure that the beginning and ending dates of the month in which the appointment will occur are entered on the form and that a new form is submitted each pay period the substitute appointment is needed. After approval by Department Chair and College Dean, forward to APS and Payroll for review and processing.