Recruitment Steps

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Staff Recruitment Timeline

Recruitment Steps

Step 1 – Initiate Recruitment– the Hiring Authority completes and submits to HR:

  • A completed and signed Form 1: Authorization to Recruit, which: 
    • Identifies the Search Committee Chair and members, who screen application materials, interview applicants, check references, and recommend qualified candidates
    • Identifies or requests an Equity Advocate, who advises the committee and hiring authority on equitable and inclusive hiring practices and attends committee deliberations  
    • Identifies outreach venues for the vacancy announcement posting 
    • Provides a justification linked to the HSU Strategic Plan for recruiting the position  
    • A Position Description for the vacancy, which
      • Describes the duties of the position in specific detail(for performance management purposes) and identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform them  
      • Must be provided to the successful applicant upon hire
    • A Vacancy Announcement Template, which describes the duties of the position in general detail (for recruitment purposes) as they will be listed in the job posting

Step 2 – Preparation and Applicant Pool Screening– the Search Committee:

  • Completes required training on Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process
  • Meets with the HR Recruitment Manager to review the staff recruitment process 
  • Screens application materials to identify candidates who meet minimum qualifications, as defined by the vacancy announcement 

Step 3 – Applicant Interviews and Reference Checks– the Search Committee:

  • Identifies highly qualified applicants for interviews
  • Submits an Interview Request (Form 3) to HR for approval
  • Interviews selected candidates

Step 4 – Qualified Candidates Identified– the Search Committee:

  • Submits the Search Committee Recommendation (Form 4) to HR for approval
    • Interviewed candidates listed as either Recommended (qualified) or Not Recommended (not qualified)
    • Evidence based narrative provided to justify assessment of each candidate
    • Submits the Reference Check Information form for finalists to HR

Step 5 – Appointment & Onboarding – the Hiring Authority:

  • Receives approved Form 4 from HR with employment offer instructions
  • Submits Offer of Appointment (Form 5) to HR for approval:
  • Conveys offer of employment to selected candidate 
  • Orders appropriate background check required for the position
  • Facilitates onboarding of the new hire