Position Description-Classification Process

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that:

  1. A current position description exists for each position reporting to them; and
  2. A copy is given to the employee when beginning a new assignment or when there is a major change in the assignment.

The following process is recommended when describing a new position, revising an existing position or requesting a classification or skill level review. Either a supervisor or an employee may request a classification or skill level review. At the discretion of the supervisor, an employee may actively participate in the development of the position description. It is important to remember, however, that managers and supervisors are ultimately responsible for assigning work and reviewing and approving position descriptions.

The person drafting the position description would typically:

  1. Gather all pertinent position information (prior position descriptions, job outlines, work procedures, etc.).
  2. Prepare a draft following the format indicated on Form 100, Humboldt Position Description. Alternate formats developed in consultation with Human Resources may be used, provided that the pertinent information and signatures are included.
  3. Discuss the draft with the employee (or with the supervisor, if drafted by the employee).

The supervisor should:

  1. Ensure that the position, as described, meets the needs of the department and is structured to accomplish the workload in an efficient manner.
  2. If further input is needed regarding content or format, review the draft with Human Resources and/or the next level of management.
  3. Put the draft in final form according to the appropriate format.
  4. Obtain required signatures: Employee, Supervisor, Dean or Chief Administrator and, if a classification review has been requested, the Vice President.
  5. Submit the original to Human Resources and retain copies for the department and the employee.

Human Resources will:

  1. Review the position description to ensure that it meets all policy and legal requirements; and resolve any concerns with the originating department.
  2. Determine the appropriate CSU classification and/or skill level through any or all of the following methods.
    • Comparison of the position description with the CSU Classification Standards
    • Interviews with the employee and the supervisor
    • Analysis of internal and external job equity
  3. Document the findings and conclusions and discuss them with the appropriate administrator.
  4. Notify the supervisor and the employee of the results, if a classification/skill level review had been requested.

An employee may appeal a classification and/or skill level determination in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Supervisors are encouraged to review the position description with the employee at the time of the performance evaluation and to initiate this process if significant changes have occurred.

  • A Position Description describes the knowledge, skills, abilities, and duties of a specific position, not the characteristics or traits of the current incumbent.