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Equal Opportunity and Compliance

  • This confidentiality form is to be used by applicants or employees who are requesting an accommodation based on a disability. Applicants and employees requesting services will be subject to qualification standards as defined by federal and state laws relating to disability.
  • Employee/applicant shall contact the treating health care provider to complete this form. Employee/ applicant should return the completed form to ADA coordinator at Humboldt State University Human Resources.
  • Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status and Legal Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect (EO 1083)
  • California law requires certain people, known as “Mandated Reporters,” to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. You have been identified as a certain type of Mandated Reporter: a Limited Reporter under Penal Code § 11165.7(a)(41). As a Mandated Reporter, you are required by the law to sign this statement acknowledging your legal reporting obligations.
  • Child Abuse Reporting Form
  • To Be Completed by Mandated Child Abuse Reporters Pursuant to Penal Code Section 11166
  • This complaint form is for use by individuals who are eligible to file a complaint of Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating or Domestic Violence or Stalking under Executive Order 1096.
  • Student Complaint Form
  • Form 700 only. No introduction.
  • The Political Reform Act (Gov. Code Sections 81000- 91014) requires most state and local government of cials and employees to publicly disclose their personal assets and income. They also must disqualify themselves from participating in decisions that may affect their personal economic interests. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is the state agency responsible for issuing the attached Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, and for interpreting the law’s provisions.
  • This form is used to report certain payments received by state and local government agencies. It includes: • a payment for an o cial’s travel expenses for the purpose of facilita ng the public’s business in lieu of a payment using agency funds; and • a payment that would otherwise be considered a gi or income to the bene ng o cial, but is instead accepted on behalf of the agency.
  • This complaint form is to be used to file a Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities and/or Significant Threats to Health or Safety under Executive Order 929.
  • The California Whistleblower Protection Act authorizes the California State Auditor to receive complaints from state employees and members of the public who wish to report an improper governmental activity. Note: Complaints are not accepted via email.


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