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Filling Staff and Management Vacancies

Departments wishing to fill vacant or newly created positions should consult with Human Resources to determine how to meet their staffing needs. Vacancies may be filled by initiating a recruitment, making a temporary appointment (emergency hire), or reassigning an incumbent employee. Human Resources will advise the Hiring Authority of the options available and facilitate the process selected. Recruitments and reassignments require approval by the Vice President with administrative authority over the vacancy. Temporary (emergency hire) appointments are made and approved at the department level.

Types of Appointments

Staff & Management Recruitment and Appointment Process 

Staff & Management Recruitment Resources

Timeline Steps

Pre-Recruitment: Consult with Human Resources

  • Contact the HR Recruitment Manager (hyperlink to contact data) to facilitate consultation between the Hiring Authority and the Vice President with administrative authority over the vacancy to determine if the position will be recruited
  • If approved for recruitment, HR will provide the Hiring Authority:
    • A Form 1 (hyperlink) shell, with Position Details and To be completed by Human Resources sections pre-populated
    • An editable copy of the Position Description (hyperlink) on file for the vacancy
    • A Vacancy Announcement template (hyperlink)