Temporary Faculty Unit Employee Pool Recruitment

Temporary Instructional Faculty


  1. Build schedule with existing incumbents according to the order of work (CBA Article 12.29), based off of the entitlement spreadsheet that you received from APS. Identify any needs for hiring additional faculty. Notify APS and your college of the departmental needs to hire additional faculty.
  2. Review your temporary pool applicants and identify any qualified candidates. In CHRS, move any qualified candidates to the “Department Chair Review Successful” status. Move any unqualified candidates to the “Department Chair Review Unsuccessful” status.
  3. When you identify a candidate you would like to move forward with, begin the reference checks. For reference checks automatically sent via email within CHRS – move candidate to the “Reference Checks Initiated” status. For reference checks done by phone, complete the Reference Check Information for Recommended Candidate form
  4. Once reference checks have been completed, consult with your college budget analyst for a salary analysis. Move your candidate to the “Request for College Salary Placement” status. When the budget analyst reaches a determination, they will move your candidate to the “Salary Determined, Chair Makes Verbal Offer” status.
  5. With the approved salary from the college, provide a verbal offer to the candidate. Verbal offers should include anticipated workload and salary information.
  6. Once you have an accepted verbal offer, move your candidate to the “Request for APS to Initiate Background Check” status. In the email template that gets sent to APS, indicate whether or not this candidate will be driving on University business and whether or not they will have contact with minors. You will also see in the email template that this status is now serving as your non-incumbent lecturer justification.
  7. When APS receives the background check results, they will send your candidate an offer letter through CHRS. Acceptance of the online offer letter will prompt them to fill in some information to begin their HR sign ups.
  8. Candidate will receive sign up packet and instructions from HR. Candidates may not begin working until sign-ups are complete. Please coordinate with HR for all questions regarding sign up status.
  9. Congratulations! You have successfully hired a new temporary faculty member, and you can now create Contract Data in PeopleSoft for the appointment.

Temporary Coaches, Counselor, and Librarians

Background Checks

Appointment Documents

  • Form 500 - Lecturer Transaction Form
    Use PeopleSoft Temporary Faculty Contract module to create the form.
  • Form 530 - Coach Faculty: Recommendation for Appointment
    Use PeopleSoft Temporary Faculty Contract module to create the form.