Background Check Request

Background checks are primarily processed by Accurate Background. Access to the Accurate Background website is granted to one representative of each department who will receive a username and password. If you are unsure about who this person is, contact your supervisor or the HRAPS department for more information.

Accurate Background

Accurate Background will perform the background checks below:

  • Criminal Records - unless fingerprinting is required. See LiveScan Service below.
  • Education Verification
  • Credit Report
  • Motor Vehicle Report

Your Accurate Background username and password are different from your Humboldt account. If you have any questions about accessing the Accurate Background website, please contact us.

Accurate Background Check Packages

Hiring departments are responsible for selecting and initiating appropriate background checks for the position being filled. Departments will be charged for all Background Checks conducted. Cost for the background check will depend on the types of checks required for the position.

The document linked below lists the different packages available and their approximate cost. Costs are subject to change and may be greater depending on the type of background check required. Please contact us if you have questions about background check options.

Department Level Background Checks

The hiring department will perform the following background checks:

  • Professional Licenses/Certificates
  • Reference Checks
    • The department checks candidate references and verifies relevant employment for the last 5 years, reporting results to HRAPS using the Reference Check Form.
    • Please note that reference checks are not required for Emergency Hires, Student Employees, Volunteers, and Special Consultants, but may be conducted at the discretion of the department.
    • May be conducted through Accurate Background for positions without formal recruitments

Adjudication of Results

The results are sent to HRAPS for review. If the results are clear, we will process them and you will receive an email notification that the check has been cleared.

If the results show any criminal convictions or red flags, the case will be reviewed by the SR. AVP for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources, UPD Chief of Police, and/or an appropriate administrator. A consultation with CSU legal counsel will take place if needed.