Background Check Requirements

Departments are responsible for initiating the appropriate checks and for consulting with HR to determine whether any position is responsible for performing work which would subject them to background checks.

  • This determination must be made BEFORE the position is advertised or any recruitment begins.
  • The background check must be completed BEFORE the individual begins working or volunteering for the university.

Background Check Components

A background check consists of more than just a criminal records check. Below are some of the components that are part of each check.

Basic Background Checks

  • Criminal Records
    The CSU will not consider a conviction that occurred more than seven (7) years before the assessment.
    • Fingerprinting (LiveScan) is required by the Education Code for employees or volunteers with direct contact with minors
    • When fingerprinting is not required, the criminal records check will be conducted through Accurate Background
  • Employment Verification
    All prior employment within the past 5 years.
  • Education Verification
    Educational requirements as appropriate for the position.
  • References
    Contact current and former employers with a standardized inquire to verify the applicant's work history and skills.

Specific Job Related Checks

  • Credit Report History
    Required for positions as defined by §California Labor Code 1024.5
  • Motor Vehicle Report
    Required if operating university vehicles and/or heavy machinery.
  • Professional Licensing, Certification and/or Credential Verification
    Required for some positions

Refusal to Undergo a Required Background Check

The University reserves the right to disqualify the person (current employee or candidate) from consideration for the position. If a current employee refuses to undergo a required background check required by this policy, disciplinary action up to and including dismissal may result.


The office of Human Resources and Academic Personnel Services will coordinate background checks for the following groups:

  • MPPs
  • Staff
  • Faculty Unit Employees
  • Student Workers
  • Volunteers
  • Special Consultants

Auxiliaries are expected to be in compliance with all requirements of the Background Check Policy as it relates to employees or volunteers of auxiliaries. Human Resources will provide ongoing advice regarding implementation of the policy.

Contracts & Procurement will work with vendors and departments to ensure that independent contractors provide verification that they have completed all required background checks. Departments will be responsible for consulting with Procurement BEFORE bringing on any vendors or Independent Contractors that may be performing sensitive work or work that would subject them to a legal background check. Vendors and Independent Contractors are responsible for attesting that the appropriate background check has been performed.