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Inside and Outside Volunteers

Instructions for Departments

NOTE: Start the process at least 2 weeks before the volunteer will begin work.  

You won't be able to submit the form with a Start Date before two weeks of the time of filling out the form.

1. Verify Humboldt ID of Volunteer

Verify that the volunteer has an Humboldt ID by searching in PeopleSoft or asking the volunteer for the information.

  1. If the volunteer has Humboldt ID: continue to step 3
  2. If the volunteer does NOT have Humboldt ID: continue to step 2

2. Candidate Information Form

If the volunteer doesn't have an Humboldt ID, ask them to fill out the Candidate Information Form.

  1. All fields are required.
  2. Have the volunteer select the appropriate type of volunteer (usually "Volunteer Staff") in the Job Title dropdown.

Candidate Information Form

3. Fill Out the Adobe Sign Volunteer Form

Do NOT send this link to the volunteer.  

Instead, open the form and fill out the form as follows:

Part 1 of the Form
  1. Enter the Volunteer email.
  2. Enter the Academic Department Chair email  (if applicable)
  3. Enter the Manager, Director, Dean or Vice President email
  4. Click the "Send" blue button at the bottom of the page
Part 2 of the Form

Enter all the required fields.  Pay attention to the following:

  1. The First and Last names should be the legal names of the volunteers.  Please do NOT use nicknames or preferred names, as we need the legal information.
  2. If the volunteer has an Humboldt ID, fill this out.  If not, then type N/A.
  3. If the volunteer has a Humboldt email, use the username version (abc123@humboldt.edu)
  4. When done, click the "Click to Send" blue button at the bottom of the form.

HR Volunteer Form

4.Volunteer Fills Out the Form

The volunteer will receive an email with a link to the Adobe Sign Form.  

  1. Emergency Contact Information is REQUIRED. The volunteer's application will be rejected if that information is not included.
  2. The volunteer needs to sign the form after reviewing all the information.

NOTE: "Working with Minors" does NOT include fully matriculated Cal Poly students who are under the age of 18 years of age. This references working with individuals who are under the age of 18 who are not Cal Poly students. Examples could include: recruitment activities, camps, mentoring or any activity where a Cal Poly volunteer would be establishing a report with minors.

5. Order Background Checks If Needed

If the volunteer is performing one of the following duties, the department will need to initiate a background check with Accurate.

  • Driving
  • Working with minors
  • Working with money
  • Level 1 data

Learn About Background Checks

Please contact the HR Front Desk if you have any questions.

The rest of the process looks like this

  1. HR will create a new person in PeopleSoft if needed.
  2. HR will create a POI for the volunteer if needed.
  3. HR will review if a background check was ordered.
  4. HR will assign the appropriate courses for the volunteers.  Please note that these courses have to be taken the first day of their work as volunteers.
  5. The form will be approved.

It is your responsibility, as departments, to verify that the volunteers have taken all the assigned courses.  


Only the volunteer's appropriate administrator can verify this information by logging in to CSU Learn and opening the Manager Dashboard by clicking the "My Team" menu at the top of the window.

Forms & Guides

  • This Policy provides further clarification on the definition of volunteers, as well as additional information regarding background checks for volunteers.
  • NOTE: DO NOT send the link to the volunteer. Follow the procedure in the Form's notes.