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Student Assistants and Work Study Electronic Sign-Up Process


Start the process 2 weeks before the Student will begin work.

Instructions for Departments

23/24 AY Student Appointment Form

24/25 AY Student Appointment Form

 We are excited to announce that once this form is successfully submitted for each student, you will no longer have to initiate the New Hire form. This appointment document not only initiates the sign-up process but will also notify HR of the need for specific background checks!

When a student is appointed to more than one position, a separate appointment document has to be made for each unit (department) that the work is being funded out of. Additionally, if you are hiring a student in the federal work-study classification of 1871 or 1870, please file a concurrent regular student assistant appointment in the event that the federal work-study funds are exhausted.

Note: If you need to make changes to already active student appointments, please use the following form

Student Worker Appointment Change

Below is the link to the video guide for filling out the appointment document. As a reminder, payroll will also be holding weekly drop-in help sessions to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues you may have. You can find the dates and times for our weekly drop-in sessions, along with monthly deadlines and other training guides and tutorials as they are released on our department website

Instruction Video

2. Background Check

Select and initiate the appropriate background checks with Accurate.

Learn About Background Checks

3. Telecommute Agreement and/or the Supervisor Checklist

Departments are responsible for sending the Telecommute Agreement and/or the Supervisor Checklist, depending on the location of the employee’s work

  • REQUIRED COURSE FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL PHYSICALLY BE ON CAMPUS - Please contact Alfredo S. Corral - for assignment of this required course
  • List of documents that are accepted to establish identity and employment authorization for the I-9 form
  • NOTE: DO NOT SEND LINK TO EMPLOYEES - Instead fill out the form with the staff member and appropriate administrator emails and names and hit the Send button.

The rest of the process looks like this

  1. HR will send the appropriate sign-up packet to the new hire.
  2. HR will determine if an I-9 is needed and will send the electronic form to the new hire via I-9 Tracker.
  3. Once the sign-up packet and I-9 form (if needed) are received back in HR, you will be sent an email that your new hire is cleared to start work. 

Resources for Students

SPAR Forms Information

In order to aid in the accurate and timely completion of SPAR forms, please note the following:

  1. Student's name in section C must be as it appears on his/her social security card.
  2. In section H, one must choose single or married and decide on a number of allowances or claim exemption from withholding tax. For assistance please see the IRS W-4 worksheet below.
  3. In section L, II, if student is a U.S. citizen, nothing should be checked.

Thank you for your efforts in working with us to ensure the accuracy and completion of the SPAR form. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call Human Resources at extension 3626.

Forms & Guides

Humboldt Staff, Faculty & Student Sign-Ups How-To

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