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Summer Bridge 2021

Bridge Student Assistant Employment starts on June 1, 2022 and ends August 1, 2022.


Instructions for Departments

1. New Hire Form

Please complete the New Hire Form.

New Hire Form

If the department has more than 5 new hires, you have the option of filling out the Sign-Up Batch Upload Template, rather than submitting individual forms.  

  • DO NOT DELETE the headers on the template. 
  • Type the supervisor username using the format abc123 in the SUPERVISOR_ID column.
  • Include your username using the format abc123 in the SENDER column.
  • SUBMIT the filled out template to 

Batch Upload Template

2. Background Check

Select and initiate the appropriate background checks with Accurate.

Learn About Background Checks

3. Appointment Document

Departments are responsible for sending the Appointment Document to Payroll using the Adobe Sign workflow below:

Summer Bridge Appointment Document

When a student is appointed to 3 or 4 positions, a separate appointment document has to be made for each unit (department) that the work is being funded out of.

Please turn in your Federal Work Study time vouchers as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the end of the month. Turn in the time vouchers as a student finishes for the month.  If they finish early turn them in early.

NOTE:  There will be NO Federal Work Study offered this summer

The last day to earn for Federal Work Study is May 14, 2022.

The deadline for turning in Federal Work Study time vouchers is May 16, 2022.

 4. Telecommute Agreement and/or the Supervisor Checklist

Departments are responsible for sending the Telecommute Agreement and/or the Supervisor Checklist, depending on the location of the employee’s work

The rest of the process looks like this

  1. HR will send the appropriate sign-up packet to the new hire.
  2. HR will determine if an I-9 is needed and will send the electronic form to the new hire via I-9 Tracker.
  3. Once the sign-up packet and I-9 form (if needed) are received back in HR, you will be sent an email that your new hire is cleared to start work. 

Payroll Summer Bridge Timesheet Header Workflow

We are using Adobe Sign to submit the Timesheets.  

If you are the Authorized Department Signer, fill out your email address in the appropriate field using the format. If you are filling out the form for the Authorized Department Signer, fill his/her email in the same format.

If you are the Authorized Department Signer, you can sign the form immediately, otherwise the Authorized Department Signer will receive an email advising to fill it out.

Bridge Timesheet Header Workflow

Frequent Asked Questions

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Summer Bridge

  1. Do employees need to fill out the Prior Employment section on the EIF, and what does Payroll do with this information?

    Yes, they do need to fill this out. This helps identify if an employee has been in the PERS retirement system. However, a Bridge job classification by nature is not eligible for PERS but often times these sign-ups are used should the employee apply for a future position on campus; so the forms should be as complete as possible.

  2. What taxes and/or deductions will be taken out of my Summer Bridge pay warrant?

    Bridge student workers are exempt from paying into social security but they are required to pay into the Part-Time, Seasonal & Temporary Retirement @ 7.5% and they are required to pay into Medicare @ 1.45%. For additional information on the Part-Time, Seasonal & Temporary Retirement Plan, please see the Savings Plus Benefits Payment Booklet and the Savings Plus Program website.

  3. Who picks up the cost when an employee working in multiple departments runs in to overtime for the week?

    Currently, Payroll's practice is to notify the department whose hours fell at the end of the week puting the employee in the overtime situation. Kin d of a "last in approach"

  4. Who qualifies as a Bridge Student Assistant?

    Students must be enrolled in the fall 2022 semester for a minimum of 6 units  (undergrad) or 4.5 units (grad). Seniors who will be graduating spring 2022 may work one final Bridge appointment for summer 2022 but must be separated by August 1, 2022.

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