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Staff & Staff Consultants Electronic Sign-Up Process

The new employee is not cleared to start work until the department receives an email from HR stating the employee is cleared.

Start the process 2 weeks before the New Hire will begin work.

Instructions for Departments

1. New Hire Form

Please complete the New Hire Form.

New Hire Form

If the department has more than 5 new hires, you have the option of filling out the Sign-Up Batch Upload Template, rather than submitting individual forms.  

  • DO NOT DELETE the headers on the template. 
  • Type the supervisor username using the format abc123 in the SUPERVISOR_ID column.
  • Include your username using the format abc123 in the SENDER column.
  • SUBMIT the filled out template to 

Batch Upload Template

2. Background Check

Select and initiate the appropriate background checks with Accurate.

Learn About Background Checks

3. Appointment Document for Consultants Only

Departments complete the Form 104 for special consultants only

Form 104 - Report of Appointment for Staff & Managers

 4. Telecommute Agreement and/or the Supervisor Checklist

Departments are responsible for sending the Telecommute Agreement and/or the Supervisor Checklist, depending on the location of the employee’s work

  • REQUIRED COURSE FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL PHYSICALLY BE ON CAMPUS - Please contact Alfredo S. Corral - for assignment of this required course
  • List of documents that are accepted to establish identity and employment authorization for the I-9 form
  • NOTE: DO NOT SEND LINK TO EMPLOYEES - Instead fill out the form with the staff member and appropriate administrator emails and names and hit the Send button.

The rest of the process looks like this

  1. HR will send the appropriate sign-up packet to the new hire.
  2. HR will determine if an I-9 is needed and will send the electronic form to the new hire via I-9 Tracker.
  3. Once the sign-up packet and I-9 form (if needed) are received back in HR, you will be sent an email that your new hire is cleared to start work. 

Checklist Documents

Checklists by Role

New Employee Orientation

Employee Forms & Guides

If you have questions about what forms you need to fill out, please contact the HRAPS Department.

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