Human Resources & Payroll Newsletter - December 2023

A Warm Welcome to You!

by Dr. Anthony Casas

newsletter typewriterWelcome to the first installment of your quarterly Human Resources and Payroll Newsletter! Whether you are new to working on campus like me or have been here for years like Alfredo and Ariel, our goal is to provide useful work-related information in a concise format. When you can, and we hope that you will, please take a few of minutes and learn something new, or relearn it!

In the meantime, please check out our organization chart as there are some new faces along with some familiar ones in new roles that you should be aware of.

Human Resources Organizational Chart

Lastly, your suggestions for newsletter improvements are important for us to ensure that it will be as useful as possible. Send any that you have to and we will review them for possible inclusion in future installments.  Thank you! 

Compliance & Training

Make a Plan for Required Trainings

by Anthony Baker Ortiz, Director Compliance & Training


Oftentimes when we hear that we have required training we immediately think of ways to put it off. We develop reasons why we don’t need to do it, why it is not important, how it isn’t applicable to what we do or just that we don’t have the time.  Here are some strategies to help build a plan.

  • Put the training on your work calendar. You know that you will have at least two required training sessions a year. Get them on your calendar now. Try to schedule them during your non peak times. Check here to see what training you may be required to take as part of your role on campus. You should also check the Assigned Learning on your personal training plan found on CSU learn.

  • Schedule multiple instances. We are constantly facing interruptions in our work. When you are planning required training times, find at least four or five times to block off for each training. It doesn’t mean you will use it but you will have it. Most training programs allow you to return to that last place you were, so plan to break the training up into smaller chunks.

  • Split your training into the required training and another training that you need or want to do. Once you have training time on your calendar, use it. Get part of the required training done and then do something else.

  • Make sure to include other training opportunities in your plan. There are a wide variety of training options available.

If you need help with any aspect of your training please reach out to We want to make this process as easy as possible.

Update Employees Work Location

by Joe Witherspoon, HR Systems Analyst


In response to AB119 Requirements, we will be sending email notifications around the 15th of each month to Department Key Advisors who have employees with missing or Invalid Work Locations. The email will contain directions on where to update the work locations for those employees for the Humboldt Campus Directory. The next notification is scheduled for December 15th.

New Career in Your Future?

by Alfredo S. Corral, Senior Learning & Technology Consultant

goal cubes

Have you ever wanted to enhance your skills for your current job or dive into a completely new career?  CSU Learn can help you!

CSU Learn offers you Aspire Journeys, a set of courses that provide you with guided content that include video, audiobooks, books, exercises, and other resources that you can put immediately into practice or give you the tools to start a new career.   

Currently there are 130 journeys in Technology and Leadership Development, all of them available to you as part of Cal Poly Humboldt Professional Development.

To access the courses follow this path:

  1. Log in to the MyHumboldt Portal
  2. Click the Faculty/Staff Resources menu at the top
  3. Select the CSU Learn option 
  4. Once in CSU Learn, type “Journey” in the search bar at the top and click the magnifying glass.

Professional Development

This month take any of the interesting classes available from several CSU campuses:

  • Building Trust in the Workplace
  • Cultural Competence and Humility
  • Sustainable Living: Holiday Edition
  • Navigationg CHallenging Conversations
  • Atomic Habists: Becoming the Architect of Your Life
  • The Lifelong Learning: Developing Your Intellectuall Curiosity
  • Fueling for Success
  • So, What's Your Story? A new Approach to Elevate Your Personal Brand
  • How Every CSU Employee Can Become a Customer Advocate

Cal Poly Humboldt Training and Professional Development Website

Campus HR Services

Recruitment News Alerts

by Michelle Caisse, Director Campus HR Services,
Trysta Hays, Senior HR Partner,
Shakeh Giragossian, HR Business Partner

employees bubbles

Job Types Moving to CHRS Effective December 4, 2023

ALL staff appointments, including retired annuitants, intermittent hourly, emergency hires, AND recruited for positions will be processed through the CSU recruitment system CHRS by PageUp. The retired annuitant, intermittent hourly and emergency hire appointment processes will allow a hiring manager or designee to submit a requisition for a temporary appointment. In addition, there will be an option to either direct- appoint a pre-selected qualified candidate, or run a search to collect candidates if needed.

Form 104

Only used to appoint casual workers and renew annual temporary appointments moving forward.

New CHRS Job Card Approval Process

In an effort to increase efficiency, the approval process has been modified to reduce the number of approvers effective immediately

Search Committees
  1. Justifications are required from the committee for each candidate where a reference check was completed. Once reference checks are completed, a justification is written and submitted through PageUp addressing why the committee is or is not recommending this candidate by dragging and dropping the justification below the email notification template.
  2. *NEW DROP IN HOURS: If you have questions or need help, please join Shakeh’s CHRS Search Committee & Job Card Experiene Tour on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.:
    Zoom Link
    Meeting ID: 832 6696 6778
    Passcode: 961665

Emergency Hire Tips

by Michael Figlioli, HR Representative

new hire

  • Reference checks are required for emergency hires. Please remember that two people need to be present for the checks. Questions and answers need to be documented (either written or typed) and submitted to HR. Justifications are not required for Emergency Hires
  • Since at most emergency hires are 120 to 180 days (depending on union) these will always be a 12/12 pay plan
  • As no advertising is necessary in most circumstances this will be a 'Direct Appointment' as the Posting Type
  • Part time appointments are listed as dollars per hour. The general rule is to divide an anticipated salary by 173.3 (rounded up) to get the hourly rate.
  • If you're unsure how long you need an emergency hire we advise you set up the appointment for the full 180 days (120 days for Unit 4). Appointments are at-will and shifts in need can be accommodated fairly easily.
  • This also gives your department time to run a full recruitment if the employee is a great fit.
  • In the 'Advertising Summary' portion we ask that you put the name of any candidate that you're sending so we know who to look out for when applications come in.
  • There are no search committees for emergency hires, so please add whomever needs access to view/make changes in the CHRS system.

Please feel free to email me ( if your appointment seems stuck or caught up anywhere. I'm more than happy to check in and nudge things if it's within my power.

Employee Services

Check your 2024 Benefit Enrollment!

by Ariel Aaron, Director Employee Services

employee benefits

Please take a moment to review your 2024 benefits enrollment to confirm they are correct.  

  1. Login to the MyHumboldt Portal and click View Paycheck and Benefits
  2. Click View Benefits, and change the date to 01/01/2024
  3. Click Go
  4. Review your benefits to make sure what you should be enrolled in is reflected correctly (please note, VSP Premier and any voluntary plans will not reflect in PeopleSoft).

If you notice that something is incorrect, please email

Employee Assistance Program: Empathia 

by Torie Mather, HR Generalist

employee assistance program

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, stress can sometime follow.  Please remember that you and your immediate family members have access to an array of well-being resources through Empathia:

  • 8 free, confidential counseling sessions per issue per year.  
  •  Access to (webinars, self-assessments, interactive courses, trainings, videos, and articles)
  • Financial consultation (debt management, budgeting, credit report review). 
  • Physical and behavioral health assessment
  • Eldercare and Childcare resources
  • Legal consultation
  • Smoking cessation program
  • ‘Find a Tutor’ resource
  • See the Empathia Employee Guide for more information about well-being & convenience life services

Please visit the Empathia webpage for more information about accessing services (the Cal Poly Humboldt password is listed in your portal under View Paycheck and Benefits).


Self-Service Success!

By Alexis Collins, Director Payroll Services

payroll services

As the calendar year draws to a close we wanted to thank our campus community for partnering with us to make the new self-service student payroll project such a success! Spring of 2024 we anticipate launching self-service for all our intermittent hourly professional staff. We encourage departments to continue utilizing our weekly Zoom drop in sessions for any of your payroll questions, technical issues or your much valued feedback.

We would also like to take a moment to remind departments that if you haven’t been reviewing your monthly financial reports in OBI now is the time! December will mark the halfway point in the 23/24 fiscal year. Identifying errors now will save time for both payroll and budget and prevent lengthy corrections at year end when time and resources are scarce.  

Administrative Coordinator

California Labor Law Posters

by Kristin Buck-Tierney, Administrative Coordinator

California law

Creating opportunities for our remote employees to access employment information is a high priority within our Human Resources department. We appreciate our campus community, and our team is committed to ensuring that all of our employees feel valued and included. We have created a link on our Cal Poly Humboldt Human Resources / Academic Personnel Services Web Page. Whether you are working remote, or you are just needing a quick reference, check out the link below to stay up to date on our State Labor Laws.

Labor Law Posters