Classification Review

A Classification Review or Skill Level Review is appropriate when there is question as to whether or not a position is correctly classified. New or vacant positions should also be reviewed for classification prior to recruitment. Classification is a process by which positions with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together for the purposes of assignment to an appropriate pay range. The position description is the foundation of the classification process and is the primary tool used to define the current duties and responsibilities of a position. Classification is based on the nature, scope, and level of duties and responsibilities; the relationship of the position to other positions in the department, campus or CSU system; supervision given and received and the degree to which the incumbent exercises independent judgment. If a position is reviewed and it is determined that the current duties are not appropriate for the current classification or skill level, then the position will be reclassified to the appropriate classification or skill level as defined by the CSU Classification Standards.

Classification Review

  1. Can I appeal the result of a Classification Review?

    CSUEU employees (Units 2, 5, 7 and 9), CFA employees (Unit 3) and SETC employees (Unit 6) have provisions in their Collective Bargaining Agreements to appeal the result of a Classification Review. Please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement for specific details regarding the process and timelines for appeal.

  2. How long does it take to receive confirmation of the outcome of a request for Classification Review?

    Requests for Classification Review are handled in the order that they are received. Employees can expect to receive a written response detailing the outcome of the review from Human Resources within one hundred and eighty (180) days from the time the request is received in Human Resources.

  3. How often can a Classification Review be requested for an individual’s position?

    A Classification Review can be requested by the employee every twelve (12) months. An appropriate administrator can request a Classification Review on an employee's behalf at any time.

  4. If my position is reclassified as the result of a Classification Review, do I receive a salary increase?

    If an employee's position is reclassified to a classification whose minimum salary is greater than the minimum salary of the previous classification, then the employee will receive the new base salary of the higher classification, or, a minimum of five (5) percent increase to their base salary.