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Employee Evaluation Period 2019/2020

Based on our current challenges, HR has been working to provide the opportunity for Administrators and Employees to digitally sign their final evaluations by utilizing Adobe Sign process. This process is intended to be utilized as an interim measure for the current performance cycle.

Once you are ready for the Final Evaluation signatures, open the Staff Annual Performance Evaluation Workflow.

Please follow the instructions in the following document:  How To - Send Employee Evaluations via Adobe Sign.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Unit 1 - UAPD (Union of American Physicians and Dentists)

Units 2, 5, 7 & 9 - CSUEU

Unit 4 - APC (Academic Professionals of California)

Unit 6 - Teamsters Local 2010

Unit 8 - SUPA (Statewide University Police Association)

Confidential Employee Evaluations

Staff Performance Evaluations

  • This guide is intended to be a resource for individuals responsible for evaluating staff job performance. It may also assist staff who are being evaluated to better understand the staff evaluation process.

Management Personnel Plan Performance Evaluation (MPP)

Vice Presidents Evaluations