Process for Filling Staff Vacancies at Cal Poly Humboldt

Budget and enrollment realities at Cal Poly Humboldt require hard decisions to be made on backfilling staff positions. The University remains committed to preserving the employment of current staff on our campus and ensuring the highest quality of service to our students. 

In accordance with the collective bargaining agreements, the following process to fill staff-level-positions is in place:

  1. The Hiring Authority will be required to justify and present evidence (with the Form 1 submission) that the vacant staff position is critical to support the educational mission of Humboldt.  The President’s Office and the Vice President in the relevant division will discuss the Hiring Authority's evidence/rationale and decide if the vacant staff position is critical to support the educational mission of Humboldt. Positions deemed non-critical will not be backfilled when an incumbent vacates a position;
  2. All critical vacant staff positions will first be recruited internally to determine if the position can be filled by a current Humboldt staff employee. This will allow for internal, open recruitment opportunities for lateral transfers or promotions;
  3. If the vacant, critical staff position cannot be filled via internal recruitment, vacant critical positions become eligible to be filled by reassignment of an incumbent Humboldt employee in the same classification/skill level. Such reassignment requests will be reviewed by Human Resources to ensure compliance with all applicable collective bargaining agreements; and
  4. If a vacant critical staff position is not filled via internal recruitment or reassignment, then the critical staff position will be openly recruited as a temporary hire.

This process does not apply to faculty positions.