Position Description Update

Any time a position has changed significantly, it is appropriate to update the position description. Keeping positions descriptions current and accurate benefits the incumbent, the department and the University. Ensuring that the position description on file in Human Resources is current and accurate helps to ensure that the employee is classified correctly and paid equitably based on their current work duties. Position descriptions establish work expectations for the incumbent, serves as the basis for performance evaluations and can be a key factor in labor and employee relations issues and disability accommodation.

Position Description Update

  1. How often should position descriptions be updated?

    Most collective bargaining agreements have provisions for the frequency with which position descriptions should be reviewed and updated. In the absence of these provisions, Human Resources recommends that position descriptions be reviewed and updated when a position is vacated and reviewed for recruitment or annually for occupied positions as part of employee performance evaluation process.

  2. When should a position description update be requested?

    A position description update should be requested any time there is a significant change to a position. This could include changes to the position summary, essential job functions, reporting structure (org chart) or working conditions.

  3. Who can request a position description update?

    A position description update can be submitted by an employee or by the appropriate administrator. Any changes to a position description will need to be approved by the immediate supervisor and appropriate administrator(s).