Emergency Appointment Steps

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Step 1 – Initiate Appointment– the Hiring Authority completes and submits to HR:

  • A completed and signed Form 1 (hyperlink) requesting EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT, which identifies the appointee and length of appointment; maximum terms are:
    • CSUEU positions (bargaining units 2, 5, 7 & 9): 180 days
    • APC positions (bargaining unit 4): 120 days if vacancy is concurrently under recruitment; 60 days if position will not be recruited
    • Teamsters positions (bargaining unit 6): 180 days
    • Retired Annuitant emergency appointments – regardless of bargaining unit – are on an intermittent hourly basis, limited to no more than 960 hours (120 full-time days) per fiscal year
    • Updated Position Description (hyperlink) for vacancy
    • Appointee’s Resume 
    • Form 104 (hyperlink) (ensure Emergency Hire Appointmentis selected)

Step 2 – Reference and Background Checks– the Hiring Authority:

  • Completes a check of at least one professional reference provided by the appointee 
  • Submits a Reference Check Information form (hyperlink) to HR
  • Orders appropriate background check (hyperlink) required for the position

The following actions are required for emergency appointment Form 104 approval:

(1) Candidate completion and HR adjudications of background check
(2) HR receipt of appointee resume
(3) HR receipt of Position Description
(4) HR receipt of Reference Check Information form  

Step 3 – Appointment & Onboarding – the Hiring Authority:

  • Tracks Form 104 approval and revises appointment start date to accommodate any delays
  • Ensures appointee completes New Employee Paperwork in HR Office on or before their start date
  • Facilitates onboarding (hyperlink) of the new hire