Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop an annual Affirmative Action Plan
  • Provide consultation to departments and search committees on recruitment strategies and procedures and monitor hiring decisions
  • Monitor administrative, faculty and staff hiring decisions
  • Evaluate and investigate discrimination complaints filed by students, faculty and staff
  • Coordinate ADA compliance for all faculty and staff matters
  • Provide training on anti-discrimination matters, such as sexual harassment and diversity awareness programs
  • Counsel and advise students and campus officials in matters involving discrimination of all forms
  • Enhance Humboldt's community presence as an equal opportunity employer
  • Serve as management liaison to governmental enforcement agencies and minority community groups and organizations
  • Make policy recommendations that enhance the University's commitment to affirmative action and equal opportunity


  • Provide leadership and direction to achieve a positive, continuing, and vigorous campus nondiscrimination and equal opportunity program that goes well beyond the fulfillment of basic regulatory and procedural requirements to one with emphasis on providing positive attention to serving the needs of the campus.
  • Promote full consideration of all members of all protected classes in recruitment, selection, advancement, promotion and retention.
  • Define, publish, and disseminate Humboldt nondiscrimination policies and procedures.
  • Sponsor or participate in educational/informational seminars and workshops for the campus community.
  • Interact with campus and community members, organizations, and groups that are interested in related issues.
  • Facilitate, monitor, evaluate, and ensure compliance of the University with federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to equal educational and employment opportunity.
  • Compile and provide statistical reports and other analytical data on applicant pools, hiring, promotion, retention, termination, for internal evaluation and enforcement agencies.
  • Coordinate and present training programs on equity, diversity, and federally mandated affirmative action policies.
  • Ensure architectural and program access for all members of the University community with disabilities.
  • Investigate complaints of alleged discrimination.
  • Encourage the use of alternate formats for instructional materials in the academic environment, for notices and published information to employees and prospective applicants.


Human Resources
Employee and Labor Relations
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