Academic Student Sign-Up

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Instructional Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant, & Teaching Associate

Please complete the EAR, EIF, and I-9

  • This form is required from the State and is used prior to employment or to make changes during employment, for determining exemption status for taxable deductions, and any other deductions sought. This form is also used for address & withholding changes.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification. Social Security Card must be presented for State Controller's Office verification.
  • Apply for an original Social Security card, apply for a replacement Social Security card, change or correct information on your Social Security number record
  • California law requires certain people to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect.
  • Please review the Family Leave section on the Leave & Disability page
  • Humboldt State University Confidentiality Statement for Employees, Consultants, and Independent Contractors Accessing University Records - Student Assistants can also use this form.
  • Sign-up sheet that a department may send with their students when they drop off their paperwork (or complete their paperwork in HR) that would be signed off by HR when the paperwork was complete. The student would then bring back the sign-up sheet to the hiring department as notification that they could begin working. These sheets are to be filled out by the department with the name of the student, the chartfield string, department and position.