***October 15, 2017 Deadline***

Benefits Eligibility

Part-time lecturers and coaches appointed to a .4 time base (6 WTU’s) or more for at least one semester, are eligible for health, dental and vision benefits.  Flex cash (cash in lieu of benefits if other insurance coverage can be verified) is also available to benefit-eligible employees qualifying under these guidelines.

Any part-time lecturer/coach who is eligible based on these guidelines must enroll for benefits prior to or on October 15, 2017.   Enrollment after the October 15 date mandates a 90-day waiting period which may affect eligibility for benefits for this semester.  Please refer to specific guidelines below for eligibility criteria. 

The current faculty contract allows part-time lecturers and coaches with a qualifying appointment to be eligible for the same benefits as full-time faculty.  A part-time lecturer or coach with an appointment of at least 6 WTU’s (.4 timebase) for one semester or more qualifies for benefits.  The flex-cash option will be offered to those qualified under these guidelines as well.

If employment begins the with the academic year, on August 17, 2017 and you enroll for benefits prior to September 30, your health, dental and vision benefits will become effective October 1, 2017.  

Depending on your appointment, you may only be eligible for one semester.  If you do not have a qualifying time base (.4 or more) for spring semester 2018 your benefits will cancel on January 31, 2018.  If you continue to have a qualifying time base for spring semester, your benefits will continue through September 30, 2018.

If you enroll in benefits after 60 days from your appointment date, (after October 15) a 90-day waiting period is imposed by CalPERS, which could affect your eligibility for benefits for this semester.  

If you are eligible, please come to the Human Resources office as soon as possible to enroll, or call extension 3626 if you have additional questions.

Thank you.