Mobility Assistance Request

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Procedure for Documenting Request for Services

The central mandate of the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) is to provide services to Humboldt State University students with disabilities. This will always be the first priority for the SDRC. However, under certain circumstances it may be possible for the SDRC to provide mobility-related services to employees of Humboldt State University. In the event an HSU employee seeks to have mobility assistance services provided by the Student Disability Resource Center, Human Resources and the Student Disability Resource Center agree to the following process:

  • An employee (staff, faculty or administrator) who seeks services will initially contact Human Resources.
  • The Human Resources ADA Coordinator will ascertain the basis for the employee’s request.
  • The Human Resources ADA Coordinator will provide guidance to the employee as to how to write a memo to Human Resources seeking services:
    • The memo will include a description of the services being requested and the anticipated duration of the need for services.
    • In the event the duration of the need for services exceeds one year, the employee may be required to provide a request memo on an annual or other periodic basis.

Once the memorandum has been submitted to Human Resources, the ADA Coordinator will review and approve where appropriate, then forward the memorandum to the Student Disability Resource Center with a request to provide services if operationally feasible.

Colleen Mullery, PhD
Sr. Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources
Title IX Coordinator
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Scott M. Kasper, PsyD
Employee Relations and Compliance Manager
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Campus ADA Coordinator
Conflict of Interest Officer
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